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Home Renovation & Repair

      Home Res-Q is always willing and ready to take care of your renovation needs and solve your repair issues. We also specialize in home renovation techniques to make your home more efficient.

Energy Saving Techniques

Proper Insulation

Our skilled tradesmen can inspect your current insulation to determine if it is sufficient to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Checking your insulation is extremely important. Proper insulation can save you hundreds of dollars per year by retaining the coolness of your air conditioner in the summer and the warmth of your heater in winter. A well-insulated house will make you more comfortable in every season, and it's quieter too.

How it works

All insulation works the same way, by trapping tiny air pockets that slow the movement of heat out of a house in winter and into a house in summer. The insulations effectiveness at resisting this movement is called its "R-value"; the higher the value, the lower your energy bills. Poor insulation will allow this cool and warm air to escape, which in turn will make your heating and cooling unit work harder.

Insulation Options

In order to achieve its R-value, insulation must be installed correctly. In fact. a bad job can actually make matters worse and cost a lot more money to remove.

Heat Blockers

Not technically insulation, radiant barriers keep houses cool by reflecting thermal radiation. These thin sheets of shiny aluminum bonded to foam board, bubble wrap, or sheeting are often installed in attics to block heat from the sun.

Vapor Blockers

Once insulation gets wet, it's hard to dry it out. It will sit there like a sponge, leading to mold problems and rot. Vapor barriers, which are similar to sheets of plastic or kraft paper, keep water vapor out of the wall cavity, so the insulation stays dry. Not every type of insulation needs a vapor barrier

Automatic Light Sensors

Home Res-Q offers the installation of a wide selection of occupancy and vacancy sensors, commonly referred to as "motion sensors" or "motion light sensors" for commercial and residential applications. These state-of-the-art devices use passive infrared, ultrasonic or a combined multi-sensing technology. From wall and ceiling mount to wall switch and wireless, automatic light sensors enhance convenience, security and provide smart energy saving solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.

Installing automatic light sensors throughout your home can save you hundreds of dollars per year by conserving energy. Automatic light sensors are activated by motion. When someone enters the room the lights instantly turn on. When someone leaves the room and no motion is detected, the lights will automatically turn themselves off after a pre-set amount of time.

Professionally Installed Windows

Proper installation of windows is extremely important in order to make sure that your windows enhance both the look and energy efficiency of your home.

Even the highest quality windows will underperform if they are not installed correctly. An incorrect installation can lead to cracked joints, loss of heat or cooled air, and exposure to the elements and pests. Improperly installed windows can even allow moisture to enter the interior of the home, causing serious damage to both the windows and the structure of your home.

Our window installation professionals are experts and masters at their craft. They have experience installing windows in homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles, and we are extremely confident in our ability to provide you with an incredible installation.

Professionally Installed Doors & Seals

Doors are gateways to and throughout your home. A malfunctioning door can allow water to leak in or air to get out. In addition to that, a door that installed with gaps around the frame or that is improperly sealed can allow pests to enter your home.

This is where door maintenance and door installation come into play. Home Res-Q is a fully capable and professional door installer; we repair, maintain and install exterior and interior doors of every shape and size.

Improperly sealed doors cause air infiltration that raises your heating and cooling costs.

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